Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Thank You Visitors! LORD BLESS You!

I would like to personally thank, and bless every one of the visitors to this site.
It has grown year after year,thanks to HIM. For the last several years it has garnered
the most clicks, and visits, and has remained in the top 40 OCC listings every month - out
of nearly 19,000 Christian Websites.

"Let him who brags, brag on the LORD." That is exactly what I am doing right here and now,
for as the Word says "we can do nothing, on our own." So, whatsoever HE has had you do
(considering forwarding this site to others) I thank you for so doing, as it spreads HIS message
of love, and redemption, and reconcilation, to the lost and hurting - wheresoever they may be.

"HE reconcileth, all things unto himself." So, those whom are lead of him to pray for the lost, know
that ye are doing the LORDS work, and that there IS a reward from HIM for so doing.

Let the grace with which he has abounded unto you, so also abound unto others.

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