Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

God Has Plans for You

We have all at one time or another had someone speak these words to us.

Yet do we understand what they mean? How can we know what Gods plan for

us as individuals are? How do we know that God does actually have a plan for us?

Consider what God says in His Word (KJV) “ I know the plans I have concerning you, plans for good and not evil, that ye may come to an expected end.” This is as personal as it gets! When we see these words in His Holy Word, we should know that since God is Holy, and cannot lie, He is speaking directly to us personally.

Consider also, what He says concerning “you.” “While you were yet in the womb, I knew you.” This as well, is about as personal to you as He can be.  “Conception comes from God.” You were not an “accident.” No matter whether your parents planned you or not, it was God’s plan for you to be on the earth. The very breath and life you have within yourself – was a gift from Him.

Neither does God make mistakes. Even every move Satan himself makes, the God of heaven allows for good reasons, which far surpasses human understanding. Now that you know God does have a plan for you, how can you go about finding out what those plans are?

“To know me, know My Word.” (KJV) Since God does not change, nor do his meanings of His Words change, we need to know what God has said concerning all things. This is why it is written, “study to show thyself approved.” Study what?  Study God’s Word. To be approved of men, or God? To be approved of Him.

When we know what God has said, then we also will know what He will do, as well as what He is doing. God keeps His Word, everything God has said, in His Word, that is what He is doing, not only in our lives, but in other people’s lives.

“The watchman has been set, to see that the Word is performed.” Who is the watchman? Christ Jesus, not only on the throne on God to judge and weigh the hearts of men, but also in the temple of God – which is your own heart. For the temple of God, was not made by human hands. “He dwelleth (lives) in temples, which were not made by human hands.” (KJV)

The God of heaven, knows exactly what he is doing with each and every one of us, whether we know it or not. The wonderful thing about all of this, is we can get to know Him, no matter how we have lived our life in the past, we can turn from the “ways” of the world, and ask forgiveness, and in His great mercy, which also changes not, He will forgive. “For he is faithful to forgive those who ask him.” “His love keepeth (keeps) not, a record of wrongs. (KJV) Ask Him.  He will answer you, teach you, and guide you, to where you will fully understand His plans for you.


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