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Hits Counter Explosion

I must share the great news of what the LORD is doing with this site.
I was used to getting forty to fifty thousand hits per month - but in the
last three months this site has attained as many as 80,000 plus viewers
per month.

For those of you who have forwarded this site and shared it; (As many as
have viewed it as well) I bless you ALL and thank you for helping this site
to achieve 12,902,001 visits (Since the last time I reset the counter - five
or six years ago.)

Please continue to share and send this site to friends and family alike
(For after all we all are in the family of God) by adoption. Praise the
LORD Jesus Christ, and to HIM be all of the glory and praise. ("For
He is worthy of praise and glory in all things.")

See hits counter and totals below.


I tried to copy and paste the whole counter chart - but for some reason the site
would not allow it to show the actual numbers. (Just the Page names and such.) 
I guess that there are reasons for this - but nevertheless I wanted you to know.

Sincerely In Christs Love,

Stephen Monday 

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