Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

            " HE Calmed The Storm" (Insprational poetry)


I did not know, what it was like

To lose two family members

But on that day, my emotions frayed

In ways, I could not remember

But first came, the shock, as wrath was unlocked

Sensations of fire-hot red embers

I knew the truth, instilled in my youth

Forgive: to be forgiven

But I could not lie, The reason they died

Were from bullets, fired by an un-living

To be more concise, He was dead without CHRIST

For to murder, is not of GODS spirit

But I wrestled for days, In tumultuous ways

But the strength of our LORD, and the truth of HIS word

Set me free unto where, I could bear it

When life, is cut short, emotions distort

And strange feelings, can well up inside us

But if we cling to our savior, HIS love will deliver

For hearts broken, Our CHRIST, is beside us  




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