Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


    " The Bride of Christ "   Sermon

As scriptures teach us, we ARE the body of CHRIST!
For HE is the head and the CHIEF cornerstone. How many

think that JESUS, will "pick and choose" only the
denominations, that live by his holy teachings? HEAVEN

FORBID! It is HIS church! The ones whom have yet to open
their eyes (spiritually) HE, has not forsaken! HE is still

working in them as well. "Each in HIS OWN TIME" Only
Christ, can truly decide when HE opens their eyes to what

HE is doing in their lives. "for all judgment hath been
committed to the Son". Is it not HE, whom goes after the

strays? Is it not HE whom callest sinners to repentance?
Will Christ Jesus drop the ball on any mans soul? HEAVEN

FORBID! "For it is NOT, the will of the Father, that ANY
man should perish" Cannot the blood of Christ, justify and

cleanse the robe of any sinner? HE HAS ALL POWER! HE WILL

DO, the will of His Father, praise God!
It is written "the bride HATH made herself ready" This is

PAST TENSE! For it is what Christ has already done, and IS
DOING everyday! It is HIS work, and HIS work, ALONE, that

justifys men! For the Word says "HE whom justifieth the
ungodly" speaking of Christ Jesus! Satan and every Devil

IN HELL, will not, or cannot, ever undo what HOLY, Christ



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