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Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Our Words Can Bless, Or Curse

"Out of the abundance of our hearts the mouth speaks," this biblical wisdom
is something that a lot of folks don't realize, can bless us, or curse us.

The very things we say can directly impact our very own destiny..if someone says
"that man is a lunatic" then we have just judged some one, and at the same time
JUDGED yourself.

For the bible says that "by the same measure of judgment that we mete out,
so also shall WE be judged.

We are supposed to discern things, like good things from bad things, but this is a
spiritual discernment, to determine whether or not we want to have any thing to do
with it...not to declare judgment.

We being made "in the likeness of GOD can speak things into being..if you look at a
very sick man and instead of praying for him we declare "that man looks like he is going
to die" then we have just give Satan a chance to work instead of GOD.

Think before you speak and consider the impact of what you're saying could have it
going to do some good? Or worse, could it do someone, (ourselves) or someone else harm?

If you love GOD , than you truly love your fellow man also, for someone who claims to
love GOD, but professes to HATE his brother is a liar. For GOD knows what is in each
and every mans HEART.

The scriptures also say "a man who can learn to control
his tongue, the same is a perfect man". So it would be very
wise to take heed to these words.




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