Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



" Who's Making Up These Rules"?   (Inspirational Poetry)


Father GOD, I am confused, the little boy began; 

My parents taught me, to love you

Cause you made me as I am

They come to you in JESUS name

Many times I've heard their prayers

And they told me YOU can do all things

And I know LORD you're up there

Today my teacher got real mad

And she sent me home from school

Because she caught me on my knees

She told mom I broke some rule

My best friend's brother, Tom told me

That Tim fell down the stairs

That's when I knew; to come to you

Cause you've answered all my prayers

LORD why do some people not believe

That you can fix all things

Why do some get mad instead of glad

At the mention of YOUR NAME?

What made my teacher mad at me? 

When I told her; WE were talking

Don't she know YOU, and YOUR WORD thats true? 

And that I wanted my best friend walking? 

How come I can pray anytime at home

But they tell me not to at school?

Don't they all love you they way I do?

Tell me - who's making up these rules?

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