Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

 "Take My Hand"  (inspirational poetry)


Take my right hand, Oh HOLY LORD

So that my steps, may be established in Thy sight

For mine eye seeth not what lies beyond,

Toward thither hill, and pond.

But I knowest thy can see as Holy light 

And in my heart I trusteth Thee

Let not my tongue, speak foolishly

But testify unto, thy majestic wonders

So let and set thy wisdoms towards my  ponder 

Giveth not mine step to stray from thy great kingdom

May my strengths, convey the tower of Thine freedom 

May THY fortress, of THY judgments, Be my staff

Make known to me, THY council, unsurpassed

Keep me in the shadow, Of THY divinity

Lead me to THINE ways in blessed unity

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