Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

JESUS SAID: "I am the WAY the TRUTH, and the LIFE"

When JESUS said: "I AM the WAY the TRUTH, and the LIFE, 
no man can enter therein, lest he come BY ME."

He really makes us understand some major things pertaining to being
Christians that HAVE to take place in our lives for us to be accepted into
the holy kingdom.

Firstly, it comes to our attention, NO OTHER WAY, is acceptable. You HAVE to
exclaim in TRUTH, that JESUS CHRIST is your savior. 
By confessing HIS name.

Let's look at that word "confess" when you "confess" something,
the most basic meaning of the word is " to tell the TRUTH."

By us believing, in our hearts, that the FATHER, AND THE son exsists,
we are in fact, saying to the FATHER, I believe, and receive the SON, as my savior.
If we are to continue in our walk of salvation we then must do it in truth.

"I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Once we have accepted HIM,
then in our LIFE, in order for us to "get there" we have to live in truth.
Who's truth? Our truth, which now has become HIS.

We know that the word of GOD says that "no man doeth anything in secret" why?
Because the ONE TRUE WITNESS, which is "ME and MY FATHER are one" is always

looking and listening, no-one can EVER lie to HIM!

Some may lie to themselves, and others, but there is no such
thing as "being able to convince GOD, of a lie! Because
HE is the truth. Remember JESUS just got through saying

" I AM the way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE," How can we go
through life, and never tell a lie? It is simple, just

remember, the ONE TRUE WITINESS is listening everytime
you open your mouth! You could say well what if a man

with a gun pointed at you said " tell me your home address
so that I can go to it, rob your house and kill your wife

and kids" should you then tell him the truth? I would then
say, of course NOT for to do the will and word, the WORD

says "agree with thy adversary, while thy art in the way
with him." This would be the way, for it would be the Devil

trying to use the man, who would say such to you. Men are
NOT our enemy, but Satan IS. This is why it is written:

"Test the spirits, to see whether they be from God."
forgive, an untruth, and HE WILL.

We have to be true to ourself first, before we can be true
to our LORD. This is easy to do, when you have the holy

spirit, because IT, IS, of GOD, IT, knows the truth about
us. So when we stay truthful to IT, we can stay truthful

to ourselves. HE, knows our every thought. If we
purposely tell an untruth then we are no longer being

truthful to HIM. By us having the holy spirit of truth
IT will convict us for it, and make us confess it to
the LORD, and ask forgiveness.

Because we know that it is written, "no liar" will make it
into the kingdom of heaven. For if we do not confess it the lie
will lead to more lies, and if they too go on unconfessed our spirit
will "wax cold".

This is the WAY, I believe JESUS was
talking about, for where HE lives, there the TRUTH, shall

abide. So when HE, abides in us, and we in HIM, IT IS, IN
TRUTH. This is how " the truth shall set us free". The word

of GOD says " satan is the FATHER, of lies, so when we
free ourself from lies, so that we may serve GOD, in truth,

we are "freeing" ourself from satan! Because when the holy
spirit steps in Satan has got to go!!

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