Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



 " The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways "

                     A Sign From THE LORD!

A man who was very distraught, and had given up on life, was sitting on his couch with a 38 in his hand, he had already placed the gun to his head once, but did not pull the trigger.....

meanwhile, there was a preacher who was at his church, he had decided to work late so he called his wife to let her know that he would be a little late getting in..the phone rang and rang, but no-one answered so he hung up. The name of the church where he was pastor was "The LORD IS MY SHEPARD" so he

called back about thirty minutes later, his wife answered, and he asked her why did you not answer the phone when I called a few minutes ago, his wife said " I have been sitting here for the last hour, and the phone has not rang once". So the pastor thought to himself I must have misdialed...so he dismissed it.

Meanwhile the man with the gun on his couch, had raised the gun a second time and was fixing to end it all, in a split second, so he said aloud "LORD IF YOU ARE THERE, PLEASE GIVE ME A SIGN, for I am fixing to pull this trigger......at that very moment his phone rang...so, not wanting to speak to anyone at that moment he looked at his caller I.D. and it read...THE LORD

Needless to say, he did NOT answer it, and he took it as a sign from the LORD as he had asked for one...So he put the gun down, said thanks to the LORD, and gave his life to Christ and was transformed into a God loving, happy person..A few weeks went by and he decided to call the number that had showed up on his

caller I.D. "Hello" came the pastor's voice from the above mentioned church, what can I do for you, the preacher asked....You have already DONE IT said the man, and he gave him the testimony of what had taken place the night that he was going to end it all..So the pastor said, you have found the LORD in

your life and things are going much better now,,,yes said the man...for the LORD made you dial a wrong number that night, just so I would get HIS MESSAGE..and I did.....well the pastor said " THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!

                                                                                                     Author: Stephen Monday


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