Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Who is Justified?


The Word of GOD, says that " blessed is he; to whom the LORD
will not impute sin." We are justified and sanctified BY
simply believing in our LORD JESUS CHRIST. When we believe

we have faith. GOD believed Abraham, and it was counted
unto him as righteousness. But the word also says that
faith without "works" is dead. Why do you think that this

is? Because when we believe ALL of the Holy Bible, and
receive it as the infallible word of GOD, then we act upon
our beliefs. When we act, on our beliefs, we trust GODS

word, and all of HIS promises. We then speak our beliefs
to GOD, and our fellow brothers/ sisters. When we do this
we will "have" works, simply by praying for others, and

calling on the name of JESUS CHRIST, for forgiveness of
sins. We believe in divine healing, and by doing so, we
use our faith, to heal, through GOD. Our infirmities, our

sicknesses, and other disorders. We know that we ALL were
born under sin, and each have fallen short of the glory
of GOD, and have sinned. But by asking for forgiveness

and repenting, (turning away from sin) salvation is given
through the grace of our LORD, JESUS CHRIST.

By the blood of the LAMB, we can be washed of our sin,
and become as new creatures. When
we turn away from evil and seek the kingdom of GOD first,
we then receive forgiveness, and ARE justified and
sanctified. We then are given the Holy Spirit who shall

lead us into all truths. And with the strength given
thereby, we can overcome the wiles of the devil, and
keep him under our feet. Praise GOD! Selah


May The LORD bless you!



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