Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



"Words of CHRIST"

"If any man claims to love the LORD, but hates his brother,
he is a liar, and the truth is not in him." How true, How

true! We have all been wronged by one person or another,
but we must remember what GOD, says about this.

"If ye forgive not thy brother his tresspasses against ye, then neither shall
thy trespasses be forgiven thee."

The words in this quote may not be verbatim what was said, but the MEANING
of what is said, is exactly the same. For the word says:

"You can change my words, BUT, change not a tittle or jot
of their meanings." FORGIVENESS is that important, for

without it, who can stand before the throne of our LORD,
and not be guilty?

Sometimes people go through things that seem unforgivable,
but this is only because the DEVIL is working constantly,
to remove the WORD, that has been sown into your heart.
If you keep the WORDS and take them to heart, then you become liken
unto the seed which the sower sown, that fell into fertile ground
which reaps 100% harvest.

This will automatically mean that you abound in grace, and can
find forgiveness in your heart. For you have the "spirit of GOD" living in you.

You have put on the whole armor of GOD, and can
stand against the fiery darts of the devil. I speak from experience,
for anyone who has read " Forgive To Be Forgiven,"
(my testimony) they will know that it was ONLY
through the grace of GOD, that I could do so.

Are you living in the joy of the LORD? Or do you sometimes feel
like you are being persecuted, unfairly?
Then first, I ask you to remember any, and all things that were done
to you in the past, that were hurtful. GIVE them to the
LORD, and HE, will give you the grace to forgive, and
then you will be free, for the devil HAS, to FLEE, any
person who has asked forgiveness, of sin.

Also he can't stand in front of someone, who puts the LORD first, in
all things, and who also loves his brother as he loves himself.

These two things, according to the New Testament
are repeated more than once, because of their importance.

The most likely way, that the devil can find a way in
is through unforgiveness, for he will use the word to
distort the truth, by taking it out of context:

For example; he would tell you the lie "remember what the
bible says about "an eye for an eye"? When we are hurt
and upset, he knows that we are the most vulnerable, to
these kind of untruths.

He will use them, in any and every way, to distort the word
of GOD, He even tried it on JESUS, when he told him
"it is written", of course JESUS knew that he was omitting
some of the scripture to twist it into a lie.

He corrected him, and told him to "get behind me Satan".
It is just short of amazing how even JESUS, had to be faced with temptation.

We were "born under sin" just from being the offspring
of Adam, so it would seem to me that Satan will always
try to take away, the word of GOD, that has been sown into our hearts.

Therefore, it is important to know how to overcome him,
and that is by putting on the whole armor of GOD.

If you would like to know more about the whole armor of GOD,
there is a post, in this site which is titled: "The Armor Of GOD," in which a complete
description of each element is described.

Your brother in CHRIST. Bless you ALL. Stephen Monday

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