Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

" A Splendid Morning "


I had rose before the sun came up

And said, my morning prayers

I pondered on, GODS mighty throne

And felt HIS presence here

I've felt HIM, many times before

As tucked beneath GODS wing

It's such a bliss, and heavenly kiss

To know you belong to HIM

Words can't define, The true sublime

When HE, comforts your heart

For HE'S the author, of our faith

WHOSE words, never, fall short

I see ye partake, of MY cup

HE spoke into my being,

My minds eye, saw him lifted up

And the worlds, transgressions leaving

YOU are the truth, the LIFE, the WAY

Was all my mouth, could speak

For mixed emotions, churned within

To KNOW, HE died for me

It was MY choice, HE, spoke again

For it was not yet written

So that by MY NAME, he was overcame,

And the serpent's head was smitten

By MY freewill, I passed the test,

To do what need be done

So while in the belly of the earth

I could take back, your dominion

Seven days more passed, till I could send

The Spirit of Truth, to men

So they may discern, The truth of GODS

And know salvation's given.

For in HIS, likeness ye, were made

It is written, in MY WORD

For the same free will, I had, you HAVE

To choose, which one, you serve
Stephen Monday

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