Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

   "Your Holy Spirit"  Sermon  

When we say that someone is spirit filled, we are
really saying that they have done these things.

Firstly they have submitted their mind and body,
over, to be molded, used, and subjected to, the things

of GOD. They have learned to speak, no negatives, for
they fully trust the hand of the LORD, to deliver

them in any situation, and will say nothing, that
would make the one true witness, wonder about their faith.

Secondly, the are slow to anger, longsuffering, and loving
to all men, for they know that all men were created in the

likeness of the LORD. True, they are the enemy of evil,
but they hate the evil, and not the person. They are quick

to pray, to ask the LORD, concerning all matters in which
they need understanding. The recieve their answers quickly.

The never have to ponder for very long at all, to decide
what is good, or what is bad, for them. They never judge

people's actions, but they do judge spiritual things and
can always, through GOD, tell the difference between the

truth and a lie. Everything they do, is by faith, for they
know that to step outside of faith, is sin. They are never

too much moved, by the things that they see. They can
answer questions, about things which they had no previous

knowledge of, simply by asking the Holy Spirit. They have
long understood that the Holy Spirit is the very best

teacher, for they know and trust that GOD cannot lie.
They have no envy, malice, covetness, rage, lust, ect,

for they have given the Holy Spirit control, of their
emotions. On the rare occasion that a negative or ungodly

thought enters their mind, they quickly cast it down, in
the name of JESUS CHRIST. They hardly ever use a negative

term such as doubt, maybe, or convey that they think any
thing is impossible. When they are around others that doubt

or speak double-minded, the are quick to assure them that
GOD, is always working, and in control. They always look
for the good, in anything, involving people. They are not

tale-bearers or gossipers, for they know that discretion
shall preserve friends. They have no fear of anything

except, the wrath of GOD. Demons, devils, and evil things
they have control of, for they know that when GOD, is

standing with them, nothing shall prevail against them.
They have a peace and calmness, from having the spirit of

the LORDS, and are never cocksure, cocky, or come across
as being holier than thou, to anyone. They employ genuine

love to others, not just lip service, that makes them
sound as if they have it. They are the same all of the

time. They have the inner joy, that comes from knowing
the LORD personally, and understand what the LORD, would

have them do, in any given situation. They tell the truth
for they know that the ONE TRUE witness, is always

listening. They are the kind of person, who always does
the "right" thing, even when no-one is around. If you

share these qualities, than you know that the spirit of
the Holy, not only abides in you, but you have given it

full control, for direction, guidance, and the wisdom
you have, you claim is none of your own, but that in

which, the LORD, allows you to know, comes from HIM.
For you are always giving, thanks and praise to the LORD

whenever possible. Does this sound like you? For if it does
then you know in your heart, that you are heaven bound,

this is easy to spot in others, for what they see IS THE
JOY OF THE LORD! People always know where they stand with

you for you never exaggerate, or speak in unspecifics, or
make them feel like you think that you are more than you

really are. Praise GOD, for giving us the Holy Spirit!
All we have to do is submit to it's will, and we know that

we are doing GODS WILL!

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