Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

(Inspirational Poetry)

" Testimony of The Earth "

In the vast expanse, of earth, and sky
HIS handiwork is edified

The grace in which, the eagle flies
Conveys HIS, work, as testifying

The beauty of, the earth’s blue deeps
Portrays a glimpse of majesty

The snow capped mountains, speak to those
Who’s spiritual eyes, are thus not closed

HIS virtue lives, in all HIS works
And are seen as such, by whom puts HIM first

The dead to HE, look for a sign
Not knowing that their eyes are blind

But rest assured, HIS laws have ways
Of prodding them, to full awake

Creation came, by HIS design
For HE is, mother nature, and FATHER time

The earth declares, HIS majesty
In many ways, for those who see

HIS words did speak it into being
In six days work, HE made all things

So believe you me, HIS word is power
An everlasting, strength of tower

To know HIM, is to know HIS word
So read HIS book, and make HIM, yours

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