Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                            " Once Saved Always Saved?''    (sermon)

There are some who believe that once they have
been saved,(spiritually re-born) that they always will be saved.
I believe this, and I will tell you why. Remember in

Matthew, (I think) where JESUS says that not everyone
who says LORD, LORD, will see the kingdom of heaven? What

do you think, is meant by this? I will tell you what I
think it means. Remember the parable of the sower in which

it says some seed fell onto stony ground? Later, when HE
explains the meaning of this, HE says, that because they

had not a good root, the sun came out and scorched them?
We, know that the seed, is the word of GOD, this means

that the ones who did not take the words to heart, and
give them firm root, that when the strife, or trouble in

the world came around, they began to doubt, and the
destroyer (Satan) came, and snatched the words from their

heart. So, when someone is firmly rooted into the word of
GOD, they put on the whole armor of GOD, and it makes

them able to stand against all of the tricks of Satan.
He cannot take the word from their heart, for they are

protected by the armor of GOD. JESUS wanted his people
to be certain of their salvation, and to be certain, one

has to put on the whole armour of GOD. The helmet of
salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of

truth, and the shoes of peace, the sword (the word of GOD)
the shield of faith. When you have all of these things,

there is nothing that satan can throw at you, that you
will not be able to stand against. So, if you want to be

sure, about your salvation, I pray that you will arm
yourself with these things. Then, you can be certain that
your name is written in heaven, and nothing on earth, can
take it from you.

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