Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

The lies of Satan vs The Truths of GOD    (sermon)

The LORD, has blessed us all with diverse personalities
Talents, and mind-sets. The ones that we live by and/or

listen to determine, not only the who we are, but how
what we do will effect, ourselves and others. Below is a

list of examples of Spiritual thinking verses Self/will
kind of thinking. If we put ourselves first, we are not

living a life, that puts GOD first. We all have the ability
to change the way we think, with the help of the Holy

Spirit. It is up to us to decide whom we will serve, for
we are either serving GODS will, or Satan's will. There are

no in-betweens. Consider the examples below of how
different people think, self-serving verses GOD serving.

Self serving may think, "If it feels good, do it!"
Where GOD serving thinks, "There are consequences for
every action, that I take"

Self: " I will do unto him, as he has done unto me"
GOD: " I will pray for him, for my redeemer will repay"

Self: " I am 800 miles from home, so if I lay with this
woman, who is not my wife, no-one will ever know"
GOD: "The eyes of the LORD, are in every place" or "No
man doeth anything in secret"

Self: " While staying at a friend's house, I discovered
his cash box, and inside is $3,700 cash, I could wreck
his house, to make it look like a robber came, and take
this money myself, while no one is here"

GOD: " I shall not steal, nor covet what belongs to my


Self: " The clerk of the store, gave me change for a $100
dollar bill, when I had only given her $10", they are a
big enough store to take the loss, without it hurting them.
GOD: " I will give the money back, and explain the mistake"
for nothing good can come from ill gotten gain"

Self:"The boss is on vacation, and he asked me to keep up
with my own work hours, I will turn in 40 hours, and only
work 30, and he shall never know the difference"
GOD: " I will work just as hard, as if he were here, and
turn in the exact amount of hours worked", for this is the
will of my FATHER in heaven.

Self: I will do as I want, and to heck with what
anyone else thinks for I rule my own life, as I want"
GOD: I will do what is right by my brothers, and be an
example to others, by leading with integrity".

Self: This wallet that I found, has $200.00 dollars in it,
and although it contains a drivers license, and I could
probably find out who lost it, "losers weepers, finders
GOD: I will find out who lost this, and return it to them
for I want to treat others, as I would like to be treated".


Self: "The truth for me, is whatever I choose to believe"
GOD: " The only absolute truth, IS, the word of GOD".

Self: "I will shun those, who seem not to care about me,
for why should I do them any favors?"
GOD: " For even those who scorn me, I will pray for".

Self: " The store owner, who turned me down for a job, I
will tell all my friends, not to buy from him anymore,
plus tell my friends to tell their friends the same".
GOD: " The word says that "envy is as rottenness to the
bones" so I will look elsewhere for employment, without
harsh feelings".

Lesson learned- Self: serves the flesh or Satan
GOD: serves GODS will first, and does what
the Bible says do to your brothers.


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