Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Believe It To - Receive It"  Having FAITH In Gods Word    (Sermon)

Doubting Nothing.  If Gods Word Says It - It Is So.

When we truly believe in something, we are doing more
than just acknowledging it we are receiving into our hearts.
The bible says Abraham believed GOD and it was counted

unto him as righteousness. It also states that we are to

believe that when we pray (doubting nothing) that we will
receive that thing of which we prayed for. For us to receive something
we have to do more than just hear it in our minds and ponder upon it.

We have to MOVE it. Move it from our minds into our heart. When we
believe WITH our hearts, our mind is already made up!

The Word of GOD says " As many as believed have received". Do
you believe GODS Word? If so, then you have, recieved it.

The word says " Faith comes by hearing, and the hearing,
of GODS word". Everytime we read GODS word we are

hearing it, in our minds, when we read it again, we are
hearing it again. We can hear a minister read GODS word 

but how do we know that it is read verbatim, unless we
look for ourselves, read it and HEAR it again this time

we KNOW that it is GODS word for we are seeing it for
ourselves. This is building our faith, as long as we

believe it, and receive it, into our hearts. When we read
the scripture, and see a promise from GOD, then we can

profess it (speak it) out of our mouths and since we
believe it GOD knows it and it is THEN HE will act upon

it... because THIS promise is also written. "My word shall
NOT return to me null and void." This is equivilent of

GOD telling us that if we believe it in our hearts, and
speak it out of our mouths, HE WILL DO IT! Praise GOD!

There are thousands of promises that GOD makes in HIS word
all we have to do to receive it, is to read it... BELIEVE IT and then

SPEAK IT. Thats why the word says " faith comes by hearing
and the HEARING of GODS word. We hear it the first time

when we read it or it's spoken to us but we hear it
again when we believe it enough to SPEAK IT. The bible

phrased it this way for a reason and that IS the reason.
It was not implying that we did not hear well and that

it needed to be "read twice" for us to understand it. We
build our faith when we believe and profess, GODS word

to HIM. So, the next time you want to receive a promise
from GOD thats written in HIS word simply believe it,

and CLAIM it to the LORD; as a prayer. BY speaking IT.

Then watch the results, as GOD KEEPS HIS WORD!

Your brother in CHRIST. ManofGod

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