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" To The Nation- repent-Enough is Enough!  (Sermon)

To The Nation-Repent: For the LORD sayeth, Enough is Enough!
Since when did a Nation allow Gods creations to be legally killed?

Is our conscience become seared, as with a hot iron?

Have we become likened to Sodom and Gomorrah?
Are we so caught up in ourselves, that we no longer are concerned? Heaven forbid.

We are still, the most prosperous Nation, on earth.

Are we taking something for granted?
Yes we are...“for God is not mocked, whatsoever a

man soweth, that shall he also reap”.
Are we beginning to reap, what we have sowed?

 Look at the signs of the times. School
shootings, 9/11, divisions of Churches. Where is

 the body of Christ? Do you pick a
denomination? This Nation was founded on

 biblical principals, but for the last sixty years
we have evolved into a “spirit of man” instead of

“spirit of God”, nation. Sixty years ago
there were no “same sex unions”, that I know of.

 Prayer could be found on many fronts
besides church. Faith is now defined by the “ear of the hearer”,

 to mean have hope in whatever
that “ear” tends to hope in. People say

 “ I have faith in, such and such candidate for president”.
This nation is due for a shaking up, and a waking up,

 spiritually. We will get it, “one way, or another”.
Lets not wait for another shoe to drop, but let

us embrace the Word of God, as the only “truth”.
Let us put our faith, back into God, instead of things.

 Do you think that God is going to continue
to tolerate complacency? Think not. For our own good,

we need to make God, number one again!
If we stay on the road of moral decay that we are on,

 God will “give us over to a reprobate mind”
and then, it is too late to cry for mercy. Speaking of

 the “signs of the times” it is written that this
generation shall not pass, until the Son of Man

 appearth in the clouds. Are we “in” these times?
I do not profess to know that, but how much more

can things get out of hand, until the Lord says
enough is enough! Pick up, dust off, and get into

 the bible, and believe it FOR the word of God
that it is. 100% of all bible prophecies, concerning

 Christ, were 100% accurate! (over 300). Do
we think that God is going to change His book,

to suit us? He changes not. His word changes not.
It’s time for us to decide whom we are going to serve,

 and not only that, to decide where we are
going to spend eternity, for we ALL, shall live forever,

 it is just a matter of WHERE?

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