Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Cryptograms  -  "Message in a Message"

H oly are these words devine

O f every book, thine works defined

L ife is found within the pages

Y our virtue stands through all the ages

B elievers know these are the words

I nscribed through holy spirits heard

B y thorough search within the scriptures

L ove is painted, as in a picture

E veryone should read this book

S o that they may give their heart a look

C easing not, to be forgiving

H e gave his life to keep us living

R evealing truths through his holy spirit

I tune my mind, so that I may hear it

S o holy He, had just one will

T o see his fathers work fulfilled

I n everything he said and did

S criptures came to life thru him

L ove was what he came to teach

O n earth salvations, what he preached

R evealing how, we shall live for-ever

D ear Jesus Lord, Oh what a savior!


G iving, loving and genuine

O f every race and peoples kind

D oing what, comes naturally

S erving GOD and glorifying HE

P leasant spoken and slow to rage

E ven when their patience was frayed

O f every kind, They are rich in heart

P rayerful of those in harm

L oving, helping, fellow kin

E ternally grateful to serve HIM



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