Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Blessings or Cursings"

Every time we speak, we are either blessing or cursing.
What determines whether we are speaking blessings or

cursings? When we speak the truth of Gods: we are blessing
When we speak untruths to God, we are cursing. If we say

we do not know what the truth is, then we are in denial,
for every Christian knows that all of Gods words: is the

truth. If we speak against Gods truths, we are giving
false witness to God, and at the same time, cursing. Once

we accept and have the truth of Gods, then we automatically
know the difference between right and wrong. If something

is true to the word of God, then this will have the ring
of truth to it, and will be considered right. If something

is untrue to the word of God, then it will not have the
ring of truth, and it will be considered wrong. Be not

decieved: God knows what is true and what is not, in each
and every life. When someone gives false witness to the

Lord, and to himself, he is cursing, and the Lord is not
in he, or of he, for we know that Satan is the father of

all lies. When someone says that they are "right with God"
then they are saying that they walk in and always speak

the truth to God, for if they do not do this, then they
are not of God, no matter how righteous they may seem to

be. They may fool some men into thinking so, but they can
never fool the One True Witness. A man cannot serve two

masters, he either serves Satan, or the Lord, for there
is no in between. The Lord must be served in truth and in

spirit, there is simply no other way for someone to be
"right with the Lord". Every time Satan tempts someone,

he does so with a lie, for the truth is not in him. When
someone is not right with God, then they quite often may

not be able, to discern what is a lie and what is the
truth. When a man is right with God, then the Holy Spirit

of truth, will give him discernment, so that he may always
be able to rightly divide the truth. When this man hears

an untruth, it simply does not have "the ring of truth"
to him. If a man is not sure of what the truth is, then

the Holy Spirit of truth, does not abide in him, nor he in
it. So the next time you go to speak, ask yourself this:

Am I bearing false witness to God? For if so, to speak
such would be defiling yourself with your own mouth. Once

you confess the truth to God, and get yourself right with
Him, then it is easy to speak blessings instead of

cursings, for you simply, by knowing the truth, learn to
speak the truth, to God each time you speak.

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