Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



In paradise which HE made, with HIS own hands.

Included below are the other benifits, that are
availible now while you are still on the earth.

#1.Forgiveness of sin, at repentance.

#2. Indwelling of His spirit.

#3. Abundant life, while on earth

#4.Peace, Joy, Healings, no food or poison shall harm you 

#5.Communion with God

#6. Miracles: Trample on Serpents (Devils) Heal the sick - Raise the dead. 

#7. Long life on earth

#8. Anything asked in accordance to His will

#9. Forgiveness of sin, at repentance

#10. The comfort of His spirit

#11. Gifts of the spirit

#12. Resurection into a no pain - everlasting body 

All of the above is guaranteed in writing in GODS OWN WORDS

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