Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                      How Does One Stay Righteous in Gods Eye? (sermon)

When a person is saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ, and recieves the Holy Spirit, this is something

that he wants to hold onto. Since no man can live a totally
sinless life, there are ways to stay in the grace of God.

Number one- study yourself to know the word of God, for it
is a commandment of the Lord. Second- give the devil no

place, that is: if the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin,
then confess it to the Lord, and ask forgiveness, for

the devil has to flee those who do so. This gives the devil
"no place". Include the Lord in everything you do, by faith,
for anything done "outside of faith" is sin.

Thirdly put ye on, the whole armor of God: The helmet of
salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of

truth, the shield of faith, the shoes of peace, and the
sword of the Lord, which is the word of God.

Whosoever maketh and speaketh a lie, is not only lying to
another person, but is also speaking untruth unto the Lord.

When someone does this he has just given the devil a place,
for the word of God says that the devil is the father of

ALL lies. The word of God says also that the righteous
man shall "rightly devide the truth". Since we know that

all of the bible is Gods truth, when we are to decide, what
is right or wrong, we should then turn to the word of God

so that we may have and know what the truth is. Jesus said
..that as many that are of the truth, shall hear MY voice.

This is where discernment is given. For those who abide in
Christ, and are of the truth, and speak the truth of God

at all times, when they hear something said that is not of
the truth, then they shall hear Christ's voice. He shall

let the hearer know in his heart that what he heard is not
of the truth. This is a wonderful thing to have, because

deception, is all around us, and those without
discernment, shall stumble therewith, and may believe a

lie, that could cause them harm. So to be one of truth,
simply know that God knows all truths, and speak nothing

that goes against what the truths are. I am not speaking
about what some men claim to be their truths because mens

truths are always subject to change, I am talking about
Gods truths in the Holy bible, which always stay the same,

for the Lord changes not, nor does His word. The Lord
wants ALL of His children to know His words, and He also

wants us to look for ourselves, and do not depend on some
mens interpretation of what they think the words mean, for

if not so: the bible would not say:..let every man be a
liar, and the word of God true!

Your brother in Christ Stephen Monday

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