Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



"Minister To The Minister"  (sermon)

Every minister needs his own minister to minister
to him! For how can one lead others to GOD, unless

HIS minister IS The Lord Jesus Christ, whom shows
him the truth, the life and the way? I hear ministers

talk about how it is important for the "saved", to have
a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and

I agree that this is true, HOWEVER, if that "relationship"
is comprised of just going to church on Sunday mornings,

then this is what I call VAIN worship! Why such harsh
words? I will tell you, because the Word Of God says that

"you flatter me with your lips, but your heart is far from
me". Do you honestly think that..."saved by grace" means

that you can sin all week long, ( for whatsoever done
outside of faith, IS sin) and that your praise will be

accepted by our Lord? I say NOT, because the bible again
says,..." A man cannot serve two masters". I take this to

mean that, whenever you stop serving the Lord, THEN, you
are serving yourself, and the devil. I do not claim to be

perfect, nor do I expect ANYONE else to be, for ..."all
have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God", but by

having the Holy Ghost, any sin that I may find myself in,
the spirit of conviction comes upon me, and I instantly

confess it, to our Lord Jesus Christ. This IS what
..." to be set free" from sin is! For the Word Of God

says... "whosoever confesses his sin, the Father is
faithfull to forgive them". So I ask you, are you lead by

the spirit of Christ? Do you serve HIM in truth and in
spirit? For if not, then you are, according to Christ,

lukewarm, being neither hot nor cold, and He will spew
you from His mouth, according to Revelations. So I ask you

to follow His lead, and do what He tells you to do, THEN
will you become... a doer of the Word, NOT a hearer ONLY,

for if you are a hearer only, then according to the Word,
then you have deceived your own selves, I speak this in

Love, for it is NOT, the will of our Lord, that any man
should perish! ManofGod

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